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5 signs of website credibilityIt happened to all of us. You’re looking for something on Google, access a website and when it loads, you say "hmm ... something’s wrong here", and you go back to the search engine. There is indeed something "wrong" with websites without credibility, and consumers recognize it instinctively. Most of the times they do not...
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Why your business needs a websiteIn this seemingly endless tough economy, an entrepreneurs natural reaction is to tighten their belts and to reduce expenses. However, markets are shrinking and it’s becoming very important for companies to retain current customers and attract new ones. So they need promoting. Even seen only in terms of cost-effectiveness, what's the best way to...
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5 reasons you need a website (web presence)A website is like your giant public bulletin board where people can get information on how to find you, where you are located and what you have to offer. If you offer something that people are looking for, you have to consider that a large portion of people (perhaps a market unknown...


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