How to choose a domain name

So you’re starting out and want to have a website, a blog or even an online store. At the beginning, the first important decision that you should take is naming the new site. The domain name is very important and can greatly influence the evolution of the activity your website undertakes.

There are two main domain name typologies:

Names composed of ordinary words – they consists of one or more generic words, words you can find in a dictionary (ex.,,

  • The advantage of this type is that the name will be much better protected against those who register trademarks. As a generic name, it is almost impossible for anyone to register it as a trademark. Another advantage is that it will position higher up in the search engine results page. Positioning in search engines has numerous factors, but you can get good ranking without having a generic domain name.
  • The disadvantage come when you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You will have the unpleasant surprise of noticing that there are websites with similar names (ex.,, If this occurs, the strongest site loses traffic at the expense of the weakest.

Abstract names – When we talk about an abstract domain name, we’re referring to a name that has no exact significance. A good example is

  • In this situation we have the advantaged, and the opportunity, to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market. The users will have a harder time learning the name but they will certainly memorize it more easily.
  • Competitors will find it harder to copy the idea of the name.
  • Since it is an unusual name, it’s recommended to check if there is any trademark (identical or similar) on it. Moreover, it’s important to register your trademark to be better protected.

Mentions about domain names:

  • It’s important to choose a name that’s easy to remember and to communicate verbally.
  • Registering a domain is not buying it, but only the right to use it. A trademark may give the holder the right to challenge a domain recording in court and take over it.


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