Introduction to SEO

First of all, what is SEO?

SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization which may sound complicated but it is not; Optimization is a word synonymous with improvement, and if “search engine” is not a familiar term, the best known and used at this time is Google. This you surely know.

So we can say that SEO is improving web pages, websites, for search engines like Google or Bing.


Why are search engines so important that we need to improve our websites for them?

When we want to find any information, we turn to Google. We do the same thing when we want to buy something, want to find a professional in a particular field, plan a trip etc. With every Google search we actually turn to an online marketplace. That’s what most of us do, therefore, companies and websites are very interested to appear in the search results displayed by Google when someone types in words for a product or service that they offer; a good presence in the search results page means more visitors, more interest and thus more sales.

SEO promoting is much more affordable than buying other types of advertising like TV commercials or purchasing a street banner. In addition, when you advertise through a street banner you don’t know if the message will really reach someone interested, while a good promotion through Google will certainly get you in front of those interested, as they will see your website in the same moment while performing a search with the intention of finding the exact product or service you are offering.


What does a good presence on Google mean?

The vast majority of those who use Google or other search engines, stop on the first results page, thus, for a site to receive more visitors, it has to be on the first results page returned by Google in searches related your field of activity.

Let’s say you have an online clothing store, it’s in your best interest that when someone searches Google for phrases like “clothes”, “clothing women”, “clothes online” or product names like “dresses”, “jeans”, “blouse”, your website appears on the first page of search results, in the first position.

In short, a good presence on Google and the SEO goal is to bring a website in the top positions of relevant searches.


How can a website get a higher position in the search results page?

Google wants to show results that are suitable and popular for each search that people perform. If it wouldn’t, people would head to another search website. Hence we can get a better position in the search results page, if our website will be considered by Google as offering relevant and quality information to users.

Optimization is a technical but also creative process. Most often, to improve a site, modifications are required within the site’s pages, adding text, creating new pages, link building – recommendations coming from other websites to your site. This is how SEO works, however, the way we make changes, the kind of text we write and the kind of links we build are deeper issues, where originality and diligence can make a big difference. We will not reinvent the wheel but, like everything else, SEO can eventually be learned.


What is SEO helpful for?

Considering the text above, it becomes clear that SEO helps increase business profits. But that’s not all it does, its impact is far wider and more beneficial.

SEO helps:

– Search engines do their job better

– People find information, images, products etc. that they actually need

– Smaller businesses compete with big companies

– Reduce costs for online promoting

Without SEO, a blind user browsing the Internet using a screen reader, would fail to understand what a website contains, especially if it consists of images with file names as pic2054.jpg instead of folding-cane.jpg

As you can see, SEO is helpful in many ways and improving sites actually leads to a more enjoyable online experience for us of all.


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