Why your business needs a website

In this seemingly endless tough economy, an entrepreneurs natural reaction is to tighten their belts and to reduce expenses. However, markets are shrinking and it’s becoming very important for companies to retain current customers and attract new ones. So they need promoting. Even seen only in terms of cost-effectiveness, what’s the best way to promote? A website!

If you get it right, it will be the best tool you will have for promoting your business or ideas. It will essentially become your shop window to the entire world, this means that the more up to date and better looking it is, the better feedback you will have, no matter the purpose.

Why a website?

Firstly, the public expects your company to have a website, even a simple one, to provide some basic information and a way of contact. It has become, from this point of view, as required as a phone or fax machine.

Secondly, beyond the expectations of the public, there is a strong practical motivation: a website is neither more, nor less than your office in the virtual world. Do you know why you need an office in the virtual world? The answer is simple: when did you last hear about someone seeking companies in the Yellow Pages?

yellow pages

What a website can do for you

Fast, brief examples of practical benefits:

  • You can, very easily, create an online shop for your business
  • You can describe, in detail, products or services, and it will be very easy for a prospective customer to find and read the information.
  • It can make your business easy to find (again, people search Google, not the Yellow Pages).
  • Cheap advertising – a website reduces advertising costs which you may have been paying to other media
  • Provides information about your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever it’s convenient for your customers! When the website is oriented on serving your clients and customers, it will be even easier afterwards to find other ways of using the Internet to promote your online business and services.busweblap2
  • As for phone calls, you know very well that your time is wasted answering the same questions continuously. Much of the time is used to give answers to the same questions that potential clients and buyers ask before they buy from you. A website helps you with the conversion of these inquiries into sales.
  • More customers – a website expands the presentation of your products and services worldwide

This list can be extended indefinitely.


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